Starting your business this year is at the top of your list, right? Well, guess what?  

I mean, you can try, but you’re just gonna keep going around in that same frustrating circle over and over again. 

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most personalized option

You’re the type of woman who knows what she wants and isn’t gonna settle for anything else. You learn best in a one-on-one capacity, and you want personalized coaching, accountability, and mentorship in a one-on-one container, where the focus is on you and only you. You want monthly one-on-one calls, my eyes on your work, and direct access to me whenever you need it. Investing in your business doesn’t scare you and you’re ready for high-level sh*t.

1:1 coaching

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most affordable option

You’re the type of woman who wants to start her business and leave her 9-5 with a crew of biz besties cheering her on and doing the same thing! You want group calls with your new online friends, you get excited at the idea of collaborating with other women, and you learn best in a group setting!

group program

If you’re ready to end the year with a fully launched business as your own boss, while giving yourself a big fat pay raise, then you should seriously consider working applying for one of my programs!