In October 2020, I made the best decision of my life…to leave my 9-5 and never look back.

Well, it’s safe to say that exactly one year later, I made that vision a reality. Although there were many challenges along the way, it didn’t happen because I got lucky, it happened through a very specific formula that I now teach my clients.

I’m obsessed with helping you free yourself from a job that you don’t really even like so you can become the soul-aligned CEO you were always meant to be.

In October 2019, I started my own coaching business helping plus-size women change their body image and relationship to food. I started my coaching business with one dream: to leave my 9-5 and become and work for myself by the end of 2020. 

[pronounced Shee-va]

Hi, I'm Shiva

There’s honestly no better feeling!

As I left my 9-5 job and entered a new season in my life, I felt an internal calling to share this journey with more women. Leaving my 9-5 was the most incredible feeling in the world, and I just knew that I needed to help more women experience the same. 

And now, that’s exactly what I do! I get to help women build purpose-driven online businesses and leave their soul-sucking 9-5s so they can finally experience the life they'd been day-dreaming about every single day while sitting at their desks.

Now that you’ve gotten to know a little bit about me, I’m so excited to show you more about how I can help you!

I love journaling, reading, and anything related to personal-development!


I plan on making a global impact; speaking on stages all over the world, writing best-selling self-help books, and being a judge on Shark Tank!


I’m obsessed with coffee, cheese, and steak (in no particular order)


Most people think I’m Indian but I’m actually middle eastern and african!


My husband is an amazing cook and even though I work from home, he still does most of the cooking.


I’m a proud Canadian! Born and raised in Vancouver, BC!


Get to know me better...

Get to know me better...

Are you so done with your 9-5 sucking the life out of you every single day? Let me help with that!

If you’re ready to promote yourself to CEO status, look no further. 

I'm ready!