Are you stuck in your 9-5 and desperately wanting out, filled with dread every morning, knowing that you gotta go back to the office and work an 8 hour shift?

That's me!

Welcome, Queen! You’ve come to the right place and I’m so glad you’re here!

- Shiva Alromeshi

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I’m a CEO Strategist helping early-stage entrepreneurs take their side-hustle full time so they can finally leave their soul-sucking 9-5.

It's important to me to make an impact in this world and help others find fulfillment.

hi, I'm shiva!


If you’re sitting in your cubicle right now, Googling “fastest ways to make money online,” stumbling across my website is no coincidence.

What if I told you that making money online is highly possible? And not just making money but also loving what you do, and being able to leave your 9-5 because of it?

I know you’re a little skeptical, but if you give me a few minutes of your time, I’ll tell you how.